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Started in 2002, by Ronald Bloomingkemper, Ronald Petrinovich, and Bill St. Clair, each who have decades of success in marketing both Life Insurance and Annuities nationwide. We choose to work with some of the best Insurance companies in the world, such as AIG, National Life Group, American National (ANICO), American Equity, National Western and many other top rated companies.

FEG Insurance Services is in the business of educating our clients. In today’s modern world there are more choices than ever, when it comes to planning for both our life insurance needs and our retirement income needs.

It is important to know that at FEG, we are independent agents. That’s good news for you. What this means is that our loyalty is to our clients, not to any individual life insurance company. Being independent gives us the opportunity to shop the life insurance industry to find the best products and companies to suit your individual needs.

Today more than ever you need to make well educated decisions. Please take the time to study your options. There is some incredible information available to educate the consumer about the right products that most Americans should own. Freedom Equity Group believes that if you provide quality products and services everybody wins, especially the consumer.

Our Leadership


Ron Bloomingkemper

Chairman of the Board

Ron Bloomingkemper oversees the operation of the holding company which owns one of the fastest growing insurance marketing organizations in America, Freedom Equity Group LLC. The base of operations for FEG is in the beautiful Central Coastal area of California with Regional Corporate Offices in Houston, TX. and San Diego, California.

Ron and his wife Pam currently live in Houston, Texas.  He has earned a wealth of experience during his 40 years in the financial services industry where he has built and sold one of the largest property and casualty agencies in Houston. He has served as president of many organizations including his college alumni association and Chamber of Commerce, where he was voted citizen of the year.

Ron was the original founder of Kingwood National Bank, and Humble Savings and Loan and served on the board of directors for both, and was one of the first to form its own reinsurance company. He was the first to offer agents an opportunity to earn shares of the company. This marketing company successfully added between 30 and 40,000 clients per year for a 10-year period. Such production placed Ron’s company in the top 5% of all insurance marketing organizations.

Ron is a recognized and sought after speaker both locally and nationally.  He leads one of the best cutting edge training systems with the latest technology in the industry. With an incredible following of dedicated and loyal agents Ron is leading the way to make Freedom Equity Group a household name. He and his company are on a crusade is to help millions of Americans establish their financial needs in order for a lifetime of income. Ron is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to earn an income while showing people the difference Living Benefit Life Insurance makes for families.


Ron Petrinovich

President and CEO

Ron has been in the life insurance and annuity business for 30 plus years. Ron was an owner and helped build National Marketing Alliance which produced over 40 Billion in face amount of insurance with his partners creating one the highest producing companies in the US.  He and his partners are doing this again on a national level taking their insight and talents to heights very few companies ever attain.

Ron was born and raised in San Jose, California. He and his wife Karen have three children and three grandchildren. He grew up as a surfer and today enjoys golfing some of the best courses around the world. Ron earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration in Business Finance and Marketing from the University of Santa Clara.

Ron is a recognized and sought after speaker nationally and leads one of the best cutting edge training systems with the latest technology in the industry. Ron is an incredible leader and has a following of dedicated and loyal agents. Ron’s deep passion is getting the message out to millions of Americans that don’t have Living Benefits Programs. He has seen several people receive the tax free cash from Living Benefits Life Insurance and is a true believer in the difference it makes for families. He will tell you this, “We Change Outcomes…For the Good”.


William “Bill” St Clair

Vice President / COO

Bill is dedicated to building the largest financial services organization in the country. As President and CFO of Freedom Equity Group, he oversees growth and development of FEG. A charismatic and effective public speaker, Bill trains new agents extensively throughout the United States. Bill also takes time out every day to help the agents build their teams and/or produce personal business as the President of the company he finds time to make sure that every single person with his firm is taken care of personally.

Bill has four children, his three daughters, Sydney, Sienna, Haven and his son, Michael, who also works in the business with him. He manifests the true meaning of the American dream. Raised by his mother in a single-parent family, he later assisted his mother in her insurance marketing company. Together they built a successful financial services company specializing in estate planning and annuities.

In 1992, Bill began his working relationship with Ron Petrinovich, and Ron Bloomingkemper heading up the annuity division of National Marketing Alliance. In their first year, the company wrote over $100,000,000 of annuity premium. As Vice President of the Annuity Division of National Marketing Alliance, Mr. St. Clair successfully assisted in building the annuity division and recruiting over 30,000 licensed life agents to the company in a 7-year period.

Bill is one of the most dedicated and loyal people a person could meet. His goal is to make sure that Freedom Equity Group and their agents have the best products to offer their clients. “The most valuable thing we have are our clients”. Our goal at Freedom Equity Group is to make sure that the families we work with will have the best financial position in the event something happens.